What is the recommended setting for your hot water cylinder’s thermostat?

           According to the Energy Saving Trust, you should set it to 60ºC; body temperature is 37ºC and at 100ºC, water boils!

Reducing your room temperature by 1°C…could cut your heating bills by how much?

           up to 10% or around £55 per year, again according to Energy Saving Trust figures.

 What is a CFL?

            It stands for ‘Compact Fluorescent Lamp’ – a type of low energy light-bulb.

What is the recommended depth for loft insulation?


EU energy labels use letters to describe an appliance’s energy   Which letter is used to denote the LEAST energy efficient types?

           ‘G’ rated products are the least energy efficient.

 Adding which of the following to your home would cut CO2 emissions by the MOST

a) Draught proofing for windows and doors.

b) Cavity wall insulation.

c) Water pipe insulation.

          Cavity wall insulation, which saves 610kg a year on average; draught proofing saves 130kg and pipe insulation about 60kg.

What is meant by ‘Eco-Driving’?

          Good eco-drivers can cut their fuel consumption by as much as 10%.

How much does the average household waste each year by leaving appliances on standby?

         Standby wastes £65 a year in the average household.

 How big a contribution do our homes make to the UK’s total CO2 emissions?

According to official figures, households account for 28% of the UK’s annual emissions!

 What is ‘thermafleece’?

        An eco-friendly insulation material made from sheep wool?

 Which uses the least energy a phone charger a toaster or a kettle?

        Starting with the lowest.

Using a phone charger for one hour: 5w x 1 hour = 0.005kwh

Using a toaster for 3 minutes: 800W x 0.05hours = 0.040 kwh

Boiling a kettle for 2 minutes: 2500w x 0.03 = 0.083 kwh