Keep Warm in Winter-Tip 2-Reduce Damp in your home-keep warm.

Dampness makes you feel cold

Some properties do have structural problems that result in dampness but a high proportion of damp problems in buildings are caused by condensation.  Condensation can be caused by a number of things; too much moisture produced in the home, lack of ventilation, cold surfaces, insufficient temperature control.   So if you reduce the humidity in the house, there is less risk of condensation and the house will feel warmer.  If you are boiling things on the stove, use the minimum amount of water, put the lids on the pans and turn the heat back down as soon as the pan has come up to boil.  Avoid drying washing indoors. If you have a bath run the cold water into the bath first and top up with hot water, you can cut down the steam by 90% by doing this.  After a bath or a shower, keep the bath room door shut but open the window for a few minutes to let the steam out.  All these simple actions help to reduce dampness in the home.

So reduce damp and feel warmer.

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