Keep Warm in Winter-Tip 3-Shut that door!


Draughts can account for 12% of heat loss they can also make it feel a lot colder than it is.  Try and cut down draughts where practical.  However if you have a gas fire, a boiler, an open fire or any appliance such as a cooker that relies on combustion then you must keep adequate ventilation in the room or you will risk carbon monoxide poisoning. Something simple such as placing a draught excluder across the bottom of a door can make a big difference, if you don’t have one you can make one simply by rolling up an old towel or rolling up a newspaper, hold it in shape with an elastic band.  Draught excluders are particularly valuable against an external door or a door to a room that isn’t used or heated. Gaps around skirting boards and windows or between floor boards also contribute to draughts it is possible to get sealers to help block the gaps but screwed up newspaper can also be used with good effect or even sticky tape.

It’s amazing how shutting all the doors in the house will stop draughts from circulating this is so easy and cost free it is incredible that more of us don’t do it!

So shut that door!

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