Keep warm in winter-Tip 5-Lag your pipes not your radiators!

Lag your pipes not your radiators!

Many people complain that they are cold even when they have central heating.  Often the heating is not able to work effectively because the heat from the radiator or storage heater is prevented from circulating around the room.  Decorative radiator cabinets may be more attractive than a metal radiator but even though they have a perforated panel on the front they will still prevent a lot of the heat from the radiator getting into the room.  Also placing furniture such as beds and sofas in front of the radiator or heater will prevent the heat from circulating.  If you cover radiators like this or drape washing over them you are effectively lagging them and so the heat cannot escape.  Try and keep the area in front of the radiator/heater as clear as possible.  If it is possible put up a shelf above the radiator this will help to deflect the heat into the room.  If you have radiators put a reflector behind it so the heat is reflected back into the room rather than being absorbed by the wall behind.  It is possible to buy radiator reflectors but aluminium foil pasted to the wall behind the radiator is just as effective or if it is not practical to remove the radiator in order to do this a piece of cardboard wrapped in foil dropped down behind the radiator will work just as well.  If you must dry washing inside (this is not advisable because it increases the humidity and therefore the risk of condensation in the home) then place it on a rack beside the radiator rather than draping it over the radiator, this way at least some of the heat will get into the room so that the fabric of the building becomes warmer, this will reduce the risk of condensation although will not prevent it.

It is important to lag hot water pipes as it helps to reduce heat loss as the water travels around your home. It is also important to lag cold water pipes to prevent them from freezing in the winter.  Even if you think your pipes are lagged still check them from time to time, particularly if you have been troubled by Mice.  Mice love to chew pipe insulation and can often leave sections of pipework exposed.

So lag our pipes not your radiators!

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