Energy Performance Certificates and Selling your Property

Since 2008 it has been a legal requirement to have an Energy Performance Certificate(EPC) if you market your property for sale.  This is necessary whether you sell your property privately or through an agent.  If you have purchased your property since 2008 there should already be an Energy Performance Certificate for it and as this has a 10 year life you may use the same certificate again.  To find out if there is a certificate on the property go to This is the national register for all EPCs and therefore provided you conform to the terms and conditions of the website you will be able to check if there is an EPC for your property be able to retrieve it.

If an EPC is not available for your property then I can provide one for you.  A leaflet explaining more about the assessment process can be downloaded here.  Leaflet for Vendors.

In order that I can provide you with the most accurate Certificate for your property I will need to establish information about your property, its heating, hot-water and lighting system.  To save time during the visit and to make sure you are prepared for my visit it is helpful if you can gather relevant documents together for me to look at.  A check list of the type of information that I shall need can be down loaded here. Owner Questionnaire-Checklist